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Mary Beth Irvine

The real estate business has been a very satisfying business and a great experience.  I began my real estate career in 1979 and in 1986 decided to buy an existing Real Estate business which included a Century 21 Franchise.


After purchasing the office with my husband, our daughter upon graduating from Kansas State University, joined us in business.  A few years later, our son, John, upon graduating from Kansas State University, also joined in the business.  As a family business, I feel that we can better serve our customers. We work as a team. It is extremely satisfying for our family to assist the many clients and customers that we have served and continue to serve through the years.


I have been involved with all phases of the real estate business, residential, commercial  and agricultural sales, planning & developing, building new homes and the rental business.  With my wide range of real estate knowledge, my expertise in the business will be helpful to all of our future clients and customers.  I look forward to assisting you with either the sale of your property or your next real estate purchase.


My additional activities are: Various involvement with my church, my family, extensive traveling with my husband and family, and assisting my husband in his business.

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